The Zoo Landscape Conference is a forum that aims to help create naturalistic landscapes in zoos. This Conference shall conduct research about incorporating plants, soil, and water into zoos, exchange information from Japan and abroad, and disseminate the results to the world, and thereby aspire to contribute to the realization of a society that coexists with nature. We look forward to the participation of those who are interested.

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2nd.Zoo Landscape Conference has ended.
Thank you very much for much participation!

Date:Nov.20th.(Sut.) 10:00-17:35

Place :By ZOOM, online
*Simultaneous interpretation service(English-Japanese)is available

Cohosts:Kyoto City Zoo,
Tokyo Zoological Park Society

Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums,
Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture,
Consultants of Landscape Architecture,
The Japanese Society for Exhibition Studies,
Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations

Participation Fee:4,000yen
*Includes the Journal of “Zoo landscape Vol.1” and Presentation Abstracts
*We will email Journal and the Abstracts.

Registration: To apply for a participation, please click the registration form. Transfer the participation fee by Pay-pal. So please include your e-mail address to registration form. We will claim the fee from Pay-Pal. You can complete your registration after confirming the participation fee.

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10:00 Opening remarks Kenji Wako

10:05 Juichi Yamagiwa(Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
“Message:Zoo is the Window to Nature”

10:15 Jon Coe(Jon Coe Design)“Naturalistic Design – Enrichment and Respect“

10:45 Kenji Wako(Osaka University of Arts)“Method for Creating Meaningful Zoo Landscape”

11:15 Wataru Fukui(Kyoto Prefectural University)“Effect of Plants and Zoo” 

11:45 Hajime Nakamura(Nakamura Hajime Office) “Landscape Design of Aquarium”

12:15 Lunch time

13:10 Joann C. W. Chang (Taipei Zoo) “Exhibition Design by Reused Wood at Taipei Zoo”

13:30 Hiroshi Yamashita(Landscape Architect) “Creating Impressive Zoo Facilities-awareness-“

13:50 Monica Lake (Auckland Zoo) “An Aerial Pathway habitat:Structure and Landscape”

14:10 Hidetoshi Kurotori (JORC・BCTJ) “Orangutan Exhibit Facility from Ape House”

14:30 Jun Furusawa(Chausuyama Zoo)“Habitat Exhibit for Orangutan Using Existing Forest”

14:50 Shinsuke Yamaki(Sho-Sekkei Co.)”Panda Exhibit at Ueno Zoo”

15:10 Rest time

15:30 Hidehusa Sakamoto(Kyoto City Zoo)” “Forest of Kyoto” in the Kyoto City Zoo”

15:50 Naoya Honda(Maruyama Zoo) “Landscape for Indoor Reptile-Amphibians Facility”

16:10 Ikuri Kato(UDS Ltd.) ”Considering the System of Landscape in Aquarium Exhibits”

16:30 Nao Koyama(Atelier TMB)“Design and Function for Naturalistic Artificial Facility”

16:50 Ayaka Okano(Tama Zoo) “Planting Good Attractive Methods for Animals”

17:10 Monika Fiby(Zoo Design and Consulting) “Preventing Bird Collisions with Glass”

17:30-17:35 Closing Remarks Hiroshi Yamashita

Secretariat: Mail to Zoo Landscape Association